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A Discovery Call is a free, quick way to figure out if your needs match our offerings.

Design and Investment Consultations are paid, 90 and 120 minute sessions where NOTHING is off limits. Once you’ve paid and scheduled your consultation, I’ll have you submit a questionnaire so we can prepare documents and samples to bring for your viewing pleasure in-person.

Our time together can end at the Design Consultation–it’s our goal to give you everything you need to launch off on your own in this session. And if you feel as if you’d rather us just do all of the work for you… we’d love to! All consultations are refunded in full when you purchase a package.

You can book a call or consultation below:


Select Appropriate Package

At your consultation, we’ll go over the details of your project and can help you select the perfect package for your needs. Click here for an overview of our offered packages.

Measure Your Designable Square Footage

We only charge for the space that we impact through our design. We can measure your space for you at your consultation or you may feel free to submit the area of space you would like us to design.

Sign The Contract

We’ll plug your provided information into our contract and send it to you for your signature through our project management platform.

Submit Your Payment

We’ll calculate the price of your package by multiplying your square-footage by our fee. We’ll also refund the fee you paid for your consultation, as consultations are included in every package. The total amount is due at the time of signed contract.

Your payment will be invoiced through our project management platform and you will be notified via email. You can pay with a credit card or complete a bank transfer through the platform (using the secure payment method, Stripe). You may also submit a check to Cerreta Interiors, LLC and drop it off at our showroom.

Let's get it started!

Log into our Project Management platform for all project details, highlights, documents and information.

Cerreta Interiors is a full-service design firm

helping investors navigate their real estate flip or BRRRR investment cycle. We handle the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat and all of the challenges that come with the process, including financial projections, selection of architectural and interior details and finishes, project management, tenant acquisition, property management, and everything / anything in between.